stranded air-blown microcable(GYCFY)

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Small diameter, light weight, moderate hardness, suitable for air-blowing installation.

Non-metallic structure, no grounding needed.

Full utilization of duct resources due to high fibre density.

The blowing speed for microcables can reach 30 - 50m/min with more than 1 OOOm in distance at one blow, which improves the deployment efficiency greatly.

Based on the network construction plan, the cable installation can be carried out step by step to save initial investment.

The cable can also be blown out, which is convenient for upgrading with new type fibres and cables in the future to maintain the leading position in technology.

It is suitable for construction in congested metropolitan area network, avoiding the destructive excavation and high expenses.

No requirement to determine locations of splice boxes and cable connection boxes in advance. It can cut off the protective tube and the microduct anytime and anywhere to branch the optical cable (under the condition that the operation of other cables will not be affected). This not only saves the number of man-holes,hand-holes and connector, but also saves cost.

It is suitable to be used in backbone network, metropolitan area network and access network.

Application: Duct