move the FULLAXS Fiber to the Antenna Rugged Interconnect on free

 Product knowledge    |      2019-10-03

The location of my weak FULLAXS Fiber to the Antenna Rugged Interconnect is at the entrance, this position is a bit awkward, there are several lines in the weak box. Discuss with the master to move the weak box to the inside, and then install it in the entrance cabinet. The master said that this other line is moving, and the pre-embedded network cable is very difficult.


The master said that it is best to go to the computer shop and ask a master to come over, specifically to pick up this line, and then shift after the connection. Just translate 30 cm, you also need to find a master, call the fiber in the past need to be welded, welding also need a special welding master, the cost starts at 30USD.

I am hesitating what to do, the neighbors come to my house to visit the decoration, see this situation, directly said: a penny does not have to spend, buried a pipe on the line.

According to the neighbor's method, it is true that there is not much money for a penny, so in the cabinet, the house is neat and tidy.